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911/Dispatch Centers

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Nuclear Facilities

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Bio-Terrorism Alerts

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Sexual Offender Alerts

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Neighborhood Watch

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"Clarkstown, NY Police
credits CityWatch for the
quick capture of a man who
was arrested for allegedly
killing a woman."


Emergency Notifications

CityWatch allows you to reach thousands
of individuals in minutes!

CityWatch, the most widely-used Alert Notification System, is designed to provide integrated and cost-effective alert notifications for numerous markets. Thousands of organizations and municipalities across the nation are implementing notification systems to address communication needs, to respond to Homeland Security requirements and to deliver important time-sensitive information.

CityWatch is a Powerful Emergency
Notification System...

Business Continuity Notifications are the heart of the CityWatch platform. This powerful feature empowers users to quickly and simultaneously send messages via landlines, cellphones, e-mail, text & SMS messaging and fax. An outbound notification can be
initiated within minutes of an event occurrence. Customizable
solutions allow you to design a system or service with the
appropriate number of ports (phone lines) to quickly and
effectively distribute notifications for your specific community

  • Notification messages can be pre-configured or
    created “on-the-fly” by recording and/or typing the
    notification information
  • Literally thousands of call lists can be created with
    unlimited contacts per list.
  • Notify multiple lists with one notification.
  • Comprehensive reports automatically delivered to
    user via e-mail or view from any web browser.
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